What Is Ride Hard?

"The Competitive Drive & Spirit™"

  • which represents the inner drive that compels an individual to participate and excel in a sporting activity, and the slogans

"Transcending The Competitive Mind-Set™"

  • the level at which an individual involved in competition has ascended beyond the mere mental frame of competitiveness.

"No Matter What You Ride™"

  • which represents what the mark is; as a call to action for all.

These three, the definition, slogan and call to action statements, represents the created definition of what the RIDE HARD® mark means, does and is! It is through the use of these statements as the slogans for the "RIDE HARD®" family of trademarks ("RIDE HARD America ", "RIDE HARD®" and "RIDE 1 HARD") respectively, that an associative attachment thereof may be used without crowding or causing confusion regarding such use. The mark isn't link to any one particular riding sport or activity (as is thought by many); it is indeed, the connection to

"The Competitive Drive & Spirit™"

  • in us all that compels one to participate or compete and excel at any level, which truly defines the RIDE HARD® mark. For which the statement

"If You Don't RIDE HARD®, why Ride™"

  • is capable of functioning as the Motto for this RIDE HARD® family of trademarks.

In conclusion, No Matter What You Ride™, if you ride with a passion and desire no matter what level you ride at, then indeed, you RIDE HARD®!